Brake test workstation for freight wagons (SIMEF)

This brake test station is now a reference for checks on wagon with the SNCF, which is equipped with a hundred stations in its workshops.

The modular equipment dedicated to the private industries is the same than for SNCF. It allows the use of an acquisition central independtly from the rest of the unit. Its ergonomy has been developped for an easy use for the brake operators..

  • The” SIMEF” replaces the “MTI” now obsolete
  • The brake test bench is a reference for the tests of the SNCF wagons. At this time, SNCF owns more than 100 SIMEF
  • The “SIMEF” is the only automatic equipment validated by SNCF
  • Also validated for SNCB and DB.
  • Universal interface between the SNCF controllers and the private workshops
  • 2 days training for a brake operator
  • Realization time for a VFO506 divided by two


Equipment application fields

  • New railway rolling stock manufacturers
  • Repair workshops
  • Railway rolling stock users

Interests and strong points

The main interest for this kind of equipment is to assure : THE COMPLIANCE WITH REGARDS TO THE OFFICIAL PROCEDURES . It is part of the Quality process by writing a quality report in compliance with the acceptance specifications of SNCF (data sheet VFO 506…)


  • Information management via a data base
  • Filing and sharing safety
  • Final phase record to make easier the diagnosis

Productivity gains

  • brake test on a complete train
  • underline on MI2N : tests time about 1 hour which represents from 30% up to 50% of time saving
  • it takes 1 hour to realize a VFO 506 instead of 2.5 hours

WINDOWS compatible software

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