Mechatronics Solutions – INNOVATIONS

Every year, Mechatronics Solutions innovates and proposes new solutions for turrets and positionners as well as for their control.Actually, this permanent research for new solutions allows us to anticipate yours needs to give you a step beyond with regards to the competition.Thanks to the permanent technical evolutions of suppliers with whom we work closely, the proposed solutions are unbeatable in terms of growing liable technology as well as decreasing prices and delivery period.

Folding turret

Request on folding turrets, “newscar” type is in permanent evolution nowadays.

Mechatronics Solutions propose within its catalogue a new range of turrets where we apply our full knowledge related to positioning measurement accuracy, weather conditions resistance and the mechanical capacity of the whole positioner.

This turret is designed to carry out live video transmissions through satellite communication.

On this product, Mechatronics Solutions propose the whole turret associated with its embedded servo-control systeme both civil or military applications.

There are two available axes, Elevation over Azimuth. The El axis faces a rotation deployment phase and accuracy pointing phase. The Az axis is designed with a ± 170° limit stop but thanks to its single drive systme, it can have continuous rotation.

Our standard product range can load antennas ranging from Ø 0,8 m to even more than Ø 2,4 m, with 0,1° up 0,05° as accuracies.