Mechatronics Solutions – BRAKES TEST BENCH SIMEF

Modular design  adaptable to all types of railway carriage from freight to TGV (high speed train) or Powered Rail Car Train (the rolling stock units list is not exhaustive), specific software  producing test cards complying with standard test norms, user friendly and tailored to the customer need – non requiring ACC I&S intervention to adjust paremeters.


Main Software capabilities

post parameterization :

  • post configuration automatic detection
  • modes selection: manual or automated modes
  • measurement track calibration

program cards interpretation :

  • measurement collection
  • control of digital inputs/outputs
  • automated tests sequence
  • measurement data logging and display : tests conditions , curves and values

results validation :

  • screen display of compliance certificate
  • compliance certificate printing(single format)
  • manual control execution

Program cards production software

This software interprates the controls and the tests data colected to be processed by the main software for the run of a cycle in automated control mode.

Controls and conditions list


  • pressurization
  • pressure range
  • power control
  • power range
  • voltage control
  • voltage range
  • messaging
  • electrovalves control


  • measurement reached
  • respected linearity
  • percentage
  • stabilization
  • positive answer
  • control time
  • delta value
  • variation between 2 tracks