The unit control installed on the panels is done manually.

This estimation request is signaled to the operator via a dialog box.

The checking conditions of opening and closing intrinsic to the pannels is left to the accoustic and visual estimation of the operator.


There are two main ways of operation :

Manual mode:

  • the checker has the possibility, for example, to control from the control pannel, the opening of a valve. This mode allows to use the control panel as a measurement instrument.

Automatic mode :

  • continuous : a test program is performed from the beginning until the end. At the end of the test, a compliance test report guarantee the test validity corresponding to the individual tests.
  • step by step : a test program is performed. At the end of the individual test, the program stops if there is a fault. The checker has the possibility to switch into the manual mode to correct the fault and to follow the test.


The brake test bench operation needs the use of a valve control only during the manual mode control.

The supervision software consists in drawing and creating the links of each brake panel. Each panel is presented schematically on a graphic page.

The animation concerns :

  • the electrovalves state (opened or closed)
  • the pressures display given by the pressure transmitter (numeric information)
  • the switches and lights state (opened or closed)
  • the panel to be tested is not animated as no measurement notification informs the control pannel.

La selection of the unit connected to the panel is done by an automatic recognition of the bench type by the affectation of a 4 logic input combination. The displayed manual control screen will be in function of this recognition.

The measurements can be registered according to the following modes :

  • the selection of the measurement tracks to be recorded
  • the data acquisition of the record name
  • the data acquisition of a commentary field for a more accurate identification of the result

The result display is done according to the following process :

  • selection of the result name in a list
  • the curve display from the records
  • the display of the result and commentary name
  • the printing of a part of the curve displayed on the screen

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