Cegelec Defense Infrastructures & Réseaux builds upon a recognized expertise in the safety and security of critical infrastructure, notably strategic defence facilities.

Protection Defense

Protecting a critical site means establishing protection systems in accordance with the risks, by adjusting the human and technical resources to the organisational structure in order to achieve optimum performance in three key areas: Protection— Detection—Reaction.

Cegelec Defense Infrastructure & Réseaux service offer includes the deployment of active and passive protection systems around the periphery of the sites, at critical points and sensitive buildings. The resources are sized to achieve the security objectives related to certification.

This expertise draws on an extensive experience of security architecture for information systems (supervision and hypervision) and the use of the most advanced technologies in terms of perimeter protection and access control.

The company also has the capability to install facilities and equipment, to maintain the facilities in operating condition, to ensure their ongoing security, and to manage classified information. The company has a comprehensive offer covering:

  • Physical protection of sites,
  • Access control,
  • Intrusion detection,
  • Video-surveillance,
  • The overall site information system.

CEGELEC Défense is committed at assisting you on defence-site protection, security architecture for information systems, tactical programs support (ILS, MOC, MSC), operation and exploitation facilities and equipment installation, as well as project management.

Compliance with confidentiality rules

Cegelec Défense has the requisite certifications and technical and organisational resources to enable it to hold and protect classified information and documents up to the Defence Ministry level « Top secret ». Equally, the company was categorised as a High-security Establishment (Etablissement à Régime Restrictif [ERR]) by French Ministerial decree on 18 January 2012. Our premises therefore have specific access-control rules, managed by our security service.

All our protected activities are subject to measures that comply with the French inter-ministerial policy statement « IGI 1300 SGDN/PSE/SSD » of 30 November 2011.

Download the Defence Critical Infrastructure brochure for more details.