Radar pedestal

Pedestal for surveillance radar within military or civil applications.

  • Ground or mast coast surveillance
  • Border patrol with steerability on the target
  • Rotor for IFF antenna
  • Embedded pedestal
Radar Pedestals


  • Mechatronics Solutions provides radar pedestals for civil or military applications
  • One of European leaders in this field
  • Reliable but simple mechanical system operating under hard conditions
  • Remote or embedded control box
  • Proposal as per various data sheets : prompt delivery and installation
  • Tailoring product on customer’s request according to technical specifications


Strong points

  • 100% made in France
  • Prompt and reliable tailoring product on customer’s request
  • Optimized pedestal design thanks to ACC 3D software and its computing module by finite elements
  • Oudoor or under radome customization
  • High stiffness of the whole system
  • Possibility of maintenance contract spreading over 1 or several years


Application field

  • Ground or on mast coast surveillance
  • Border surveillance with possibility of pointing and object tracking
  • Rotor with IFF antenna
  • Aircraft embedded pedestal

For more information : radar pedestals


Operating system

  • Various operating modes :
    • Continuous rotation
    • Target pointing and tracking
  • Possibility to install 1 or several antennas with 0.5m² up to 80m² surface
  • Possibility of drive mechanical functions and coding
  • Product design to comply with Electromagnetic pulse and Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Possibility of changing drive an coding while operating
  • Range of several speeds