Stabilized platform

Stand alone stabilized platforms for naval, ground and air applications.

  • Perimeter video surveillance
  • Electronically-scanned antennna
  • Cell relay for ship communication

Stabilized platform


Standalone stabilized platform for naval, ground and air applications

ACC I&S enjoys a 20 years experience in all typoes of turrets complemented by a 10 years expertise in stabilization.

As a European and Global leader ACC I&S has produced proven and recognized system troughout Europe and the world.

Bespoke Solutions according to customer requirements : Prompt delivery and Setup


Strong points

100% French made

Light and easy to install : 3 attachment points, 2 connexions

Possibility to integrate the power and control units of the equipment to be stabilized ( camera, antenna)

Dependable equipment : MTBF 20 000 hours which means very light maintenance

Operating time : 24hours/24hours, 7days/7days

Possibility of maintenance contract spreading over 1 or several years


Application fields

Fixed or stabilized video surveillance : coastal surveillance

Self-detection infrared system : safety of cargo ships

Self-directional antenna

Radio communication field with GSM relay for communication between ships


Operating system

Platform set ibreakdown :

  • upper plate
  • lower plate
  • embedded unit control – ACU
  • embedded inertial measurement unit
  • upper connector and two lower connectors

Iinertial sensor block  fixed on the lower plate :

  • reception of sea status info
  • transmission to the ACU
  • cylinder position updated to  The ACU
  • Positioning  corrected by the ACU


Product range

We supply a wide range of standard products in different versions :

  • Loads ranging from 55 Kg to 200Kg
  • Displacement representing a sphere of 220°

Accuracy stabilization: better than 0,1°

For more information : Stabilized turrets


Servo-control system

Control unit box -ACU

Real time control carried out by the integrated electronic control unit

Connection to the heading reference system specific to the ship

2 operating modes :

  • Local manual mode
  • Automatic mode

Management of securities, limitation of movements