Cegelec Défense operates an Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) branch, dedicated at maintaining systems readiness (MRO maintenance, repair, & overhaul) and ensuring systems safety (MS Maintenance Safety). The mission, organisation and resources are optimized to meet customers specific operational and confidentiality demands.

Integrated logistic support – Maintenance and security follow-on support

Cegelec Défense provides services addressing both upstream (sizing, preparing the validation of support) and downstream (maintaining the system in operating condition) system operation, following a modular offer encompassing management, logistic support engineering, support work and assistance.

Considering MRO activities, CEGELEC Défense conducts preventive and curative maintenance operations. Cegelec Défense Infrastructures & Réseaux also ensures compliance with all procedures, notably as regards triggering off maintenance operations and updating documentation, when changes or amendments are required.

Maintaining systems safety aims at maintaining the system operational safety throughout its lifespan.  The process  tracks and assesses component vulnerability within the system to propose timely corrective measure (organisational or technical) as agreed with the customer.

Download the Integrated logistic support – Maintenance and security follow-on support sheet for more details.