In 1980 ACC Ingenierie & Maintenance Company branched out its activities to create the Engineering & Services department.
ACC I &S succeded in attaining one of the European and world top leaders positions  for the manufacture of turrets and positioners.
In October 2020, ACC I&S was acquired by CEGELEC Défense company, a subsidiary of VINCI group to constitute the Mechatronics Solutions business Unit.
All Mechatronics Solutions products are designed, manufactured  and installed according to the customer requirements and ISO 9001 certified . According to the budget and delivery time requirements, Mechatronics Solutions offers  turn-key systems as described in the catalogues and technical data sheets. In case of specific requirements, we design and co-develop with the customer the system adapted to specifications. This approach applies to the entire line of products.Each product line complies with one or several application domains. Our long experience and customer relationship policy allow Mechatronics Solutions to provide solutions for applications of all types such as : 
  • Antenna measurement, with or without radome, ranging from standard antenna dish to full telecommunication satellite
  • Flying objects tracking : telemetry, flight path analysis, drone remote control
  • Satellite communication ground stations : fixed or mounted on ground vehicle, boat or aircraft
  • Civil and military radars : surveillance, detection, meteorology, fire control system
  • Mobile communication systems : tactical networks, data links, microwave links

To extend the products life cycle, ACC I&S proposes a customized support through preventive maintenance, repairs and maintenance in operating conditions.