Cegelec Défense Solutions & Services designs, produces and repairs (MRO) mobile water purification units, waste water treatment units and sludge dewatering systems.


CEGELEC Défense water purification units are designed for the production of large volumes of drinking water, in total autonomy and adverse conditions, from fresh water, salt water or chemically or biologically polluted water.

Transportable by road, by rail and by sea, these autonomous solutions operate in degraded or demanding environments. Comprehensive and integrated units are specifically tailored for:

  • The French Armed Forces expeditionary operations,
  • Civil Defence or NGO operations during natural catastrophes (earthquakes, floods),
  • Humanitarian operations,
  • Expeditionary base camps,
  • Field hospitals.

CEGELEC Défense proposes heavy duty water treatment units, mobile water purification units, light water purification unit or even mobile fountains.


Mobile units production capacity range from 40 to 400 m3/d. Less than 12h are required for a production satisfying daily needs of 10 000 people.

The technologies in our treatment units use membranes, allowing us to create compact, modular systems:

  • Microfiltration,
  • Ultrafiltration,
  • Reverse osmosis.

These different types of membrane processes are implemented according to the quality of the water resource

Download the Water Treatment sheet for more details.