The line train automatic tester allows to test connection sockets at both ends of the train or carriage :

  • Continuity measurement (including the resistance value)
  • Insulation measurement of each thread with regards to the exposed conductive part under 500V DC maxi
  • nsulation measurement of each thread with regards to the other threads of the train line under 500V DC maxi
  • Dielectric rigidity measurement under 500V DC maxi
  • Residual voltage absence measurement

The tester program is specificaly done for each application in order to integrate the train electric drawings in relation with the train line.



Computer fixed on top on the self-supporting structure. It allows to control and to display the operations status of the tester. It is dowloaded with the test software operating under WINDOWS environment

A USB stick guarantees the computer  recovery and recording of the measurement results.

A printer is integrated into the tester to produce paper compliance reports printing after testing.

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