Five key assets provide Cegelec Defense whith a decisive edge in Defense and Security projects.

Five differentiating assets in Cegelec Défense tool box:

  • Legacy know-how

Cegelec Defense has stockpiled a large sum of experiences and lessons learned over a 50 years history of projects with major stakeholders and customers. The value of practical solutions has long been proven in the battelefield and in real situations, leading to a sytematic  improvement and selection of the best processes.


  • Innovative and practical solutions 

Cegelec Defense consistenltly aims at providing state of the art solutions best adapted to Defense requirements and at offering  a large services panel fulfilling customers demands.

  • Highest qualifications ad standards

Complying with Defence sensitive requirements, Cegelec Defense holds the secret clearance level  allowing full compliance with confidentiality requirements in all sovereign domains related with Strategic operations and projects. Cegelec Defense complies with NATO clearance and registration requirements.

  • Civil and military dual capability

The mutual enrichment of Civil and Military activities has a direct and immediate benefit for Military and civilian customers ;

Military clients acknowledge Cegelec Défense industrial culture and reliability with a permanent commitment towards the best availability and success.

  • Expertise Teams

The mastership of dedicated expertise teams in each Business Unit participates into the processes optimization and maintains the highest customers’ confidence. Cegelec Défense enforces a multi-local business model adding to the strength of the VINCI Energies Network and its numerous local subsidiaries in France, Europe and the World.

  • Cegelec Defense :
    • Cegelec Défense Mobile Technical Units (Expandable shelters and MOC, integrated communication resources and networks, CBRNe solutions, deployment support and logistic equipment,…)
    •  Cegelec Défense Infrastructures & Réseaux (hosting and hardening of strategic communication networks, defense-site and vital and cirtical infrastructure protection, works and MOC,…)
    • Cegelec Défense Mechatronics Solutions ( multi-axis turrests and stabilized positioners, test benches)
    • SIEPEL ( EMC measurement and protection, acnechoic chambers and antenna measurement)
  • Cegelec Defense et Naval Sud-Est Infrastructures Militaires (works and MOC of military sites and infrastructure, energy, fluids and security,…)
  • Santerne Aéronautique et Défense (defence, airfield and transport infrastructure, energy, air treatment, security, works and MOC).