This tester is used to check the railway equipment cables :

  • cable comprehensive check for one element
  • cable comprehensive check for the train wiring
  • diagnosis help for potential failures

Configuration for:

  • Railway Engine
  • Passenger and Freight carriage
  • all equipment on train (suburb, TGV, RER…)


The kit includes the following elements :

  • low voltage power supply
  • The assembly management system
  • the input cards fitted with charge resistances and filtering
  • The multiplexing cards for outputs fitted with the outputs switching system
  • the modules for the set-up of input special signals
  • the signal module generation for the continuity test
  • the switching relay for the relooping of certain signals during the operation tests
  • eventually the emergency battery The front face kit is fitted with switches to start the system and with lights to indicate the power supply type used for the system operation. In addition, the presence of power supplies inside the kit is also displayed by lights on the front pannel

The front face kit is fitted with all kinds of connector bases to connect the system to the outer elements :

  • one plug for the 220 V connection during the test in workshops
  • one plug for the connextion to the off-centered antenna
  • one plug to connect the so-called special signals
  • several plugs for the standard signals
  • one plug for the power signals
  • one connection to connect the relooping corded link during the continuity tests
  • one connection for the corded Ethernet link to a portable PC

To limit the overall dimension of the connections on the front face and taking into account the important number ot the signals to include, it is important to use high density connector technology.

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