Satellite Communication (SATCOM)

2 or 3 axis turrets under radome or not .These turrets are designed for civil or military applications with fixed version or mounted on vehicle.

  • 3 civil or military applications : Naval, Air and Ground
  • Telecommunications with X, C, Ku, Ka…bands
Satellite communication (SATCOM)



ACC design, manufacture and install 2 axis turrets with EL/AZ configurations. As far as stabilization is concerned, ACC has designed turrets with 2 axes – the SNA (Stabilizer Naval) – without any singular point turrets at the zenith used under radome.
These turrets have been designed for civil or military applications under harsh environmental conditions.
Experience of 20 years within all types of turrets , with more than 10 years related to stabilization with the SNA turret
European leader
Proven and recognized numerous achievements in Europe
roposal as per various technical data sheets
Prompt delivery and installation
Customization based on technical specifications

Strong points

  • 100% made in France
  • Prompt and reliable adaptation on customer’s request
  • Turret optimized design thanks to our 3D software and its computing module by finite elements
  • Possibility of maintenance contract spreading over 1 or several years
  • After sale service all along the product life

Application field
3 civil or military application fields :

  • Naval
  • Air
  • Ground

Telecommunications with X, C, Ku, Ka… bands

Operating mode

  • Automatic mode with satellite research
  • Direction maintenance of the antenna within any circumstance
  • 2 operating mode phases:
    • Research phase by means of GPS information, heading reference system and satellite theoric position. The antenna describes a spiral of research
    • Tracking phase : by means of embedded inertial sensors, the positioner stabilizes the antenna
    • Possibility to create transmitting masks


Product range

We supply a wide range of standard products with different versions:

  • Antennas with diameters ranging from Ø0.8m to Ø2.5 m or more
  • Loads ranging from 10 Kg up to 1,000Kg for SNA under radome and more for PC turret type under radome Accuracy from 0.1° to 0,01°


For more information : Stabilised Turrets


Servo-control system

For each turret, we supply our control units designed and tailored for each application according to the positioner dimension (Electric power)

  • Real time control carried out by ACC electronic control unit
  • Control unit associated with :
    • GPS receiver
    • 3 axis inertial sensor block
  • Connection to the heading reference system specific to the ship
  • To operate, the antenna unit control- ACU- can use a marker beacon receiver to optimize the pointing and/or ephemeris with Two lines NASA and INTELSAT formats which can be downloaded on the Web. 3 operating modes:
    • Local manual mode : use of a 2 axis mini arm controller
    • Remote manual mode : use of operating man machine interface through a PC
    • Automatic mode :
      • the satellite coordinates are provided to the ACU
      • with or without ephemeris
      • with or without beacon
  • Management of securities, emergency stop line, move limitation
  • Management of mask zones
  • Management of linear polarization (Ku band)