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Antenna, radome and payload measurements  (single dish antenna to comprehensive  satellite).

Standard positioner in ACC I&S  catalogue

Antenna and radome measurement positioners

Multi-axis scanner

Radar Cross Section (RCS) measurement Pylon


ACC I&S is a European and Global leader in measurement positioners  with over 30 years of cumulated experience.

Proven and recognized numerous achievements

Full support in the customer constraint analysis for an optimal choice

Supply of standard products on catalogue

Customization based on technical specifications

Prompt delivery and installation

Strong points

Range of positioners designed for indoor and outdoor operations Technology combining accuracy (0,01° to 0,001°) and dependability Simultaneous multiple axes control according to requirements Position measurement using 21-bit resolution Absolute Optical Encoder

Advantages :

  • No initialization reference run
  • Information digitized at source
  • Option : integration of RF rotary joint (maxi 40Ghz) and multi-track electric collector according to the customer requirement

Application field

Compact range equipped with 1 or 2 reflectors
  • Radome measurement
  • Antenna measurement
Anechoic room
  • Near field : array or active antenna measurement
  • Far field : antenna or other measurement
Outdoor range

Far field : transmission and reception separated by a distance up to several kilometers


Types of Radome measurementRadome transmission

Beam deflection

Radiation pattern change (flash lobe)

Measurement of single antenna or antenna mounted on equipment(satellite,…)

Gain, radiation and polarization measurements



CRS measurement: Streamlined pylon

Model (missile, aircraft, etc…)

Mock-up (missile, aircraft, etc…)


Product RangeWe supply a wide range of standard products with different versions or dimensions:


  • 4 versions (A-AE-EA-AEA)
  • 6 dimensions (P20-P20-P40-P60-P80-P100) Achieved accuracy: from 0.01° to 0.001°

Download our Catalogue : Measurement Positionners


Standard configuration of ACC measurement system

On request we carry out a set of configurations with a standard type as shown below.

This configuration can be applied for objects under test weighing a few Kgs to hundreds Kgs


Servo control system

For each single or multi axis positioner, we supply control units designed and adapted according to the axis number (1 up to 12 axes per unit) and the dimension of each positioner (Electrical Power supply)


Software measurement AMS 2000 ®

To support our products within the measurement field, we have developed a software measurement dubbed AMS2000 ®.Configurable software toolData acquisitionData base managementMeasured value analysis2D & 3D layoutsResult outputs in the form of generic or specific files

Dedicated to :

Developers of new products

People responsible for quality control of products in manufacturing processes

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