2 or 3 axis turrets under radome or not .These turrets are designed for civil or military applications.

In-flight test telemetry

Drone remote control

Compatibility with all frequency bands



ACC design, manufacture and install 1 or 2 axis turrets with EL/AZ configurations. These turrets are designed for civil or military applications under harsh

Experience of 20 years within all types of turrets including telemetry

ACC is one of the French and worldwide leaders : proven and recognized numerous achievements in Europe and all over the world

Proposal as per various technical data sheets : prompt delivery and installation

Customization based on technical specifications


Strong points

100% made in France

Prompt and reliable adaptation on customer’s request

Positioner optimized design thanks to our 3D software and its computing module by finite elements

Possibility of maintenance contract spreading over 1 or several years

Permanent after sale service

Application field

Information reception from civil aircrafts in-flight test

Information reception from missile in test or real conditions

Information recovery from drones for video transmission

Use frequency of few MHz up to Ka band

Turret mounted on mast head or distributed along the mast sections


Operating mode

The set of turret and control unit is equipped with tracking function. This fonction can be carried out by :

  • Angular deviation : the turret re-positions the antenna dish according to the signal which has been received by the receiver
  • Video : the turret is equipped with a camera and a video or thermal box which allow tracking the flying object by target setting

The turret can be equipped with 1 or several antennas according to frequencies which are involved

The turret can be fixed or portable


Product range

We supply a wide range of standard products with different versions:

Antennas with diameters ranging from Ø 1m to Ø 6m or more

Loads ranging from 5 Kg up to 3,900Kg Accuracy from 0.1° to 0,01°


For more information : Tracking turrets


Servo-control system

For each turret, we supply our control units designed and tailored for each application according to the positioner dimension (Electric power)

Hardware :

  • Power electronic unit with manual control on front panel and emergency stop
  • Electronic control unit with axis position readout


  • Existence of various embedded feedback loops
  • 2 operating modes : manual mode, remote control mode
  • Main available functions
    • Move calibration
    • Move launching
    • Remote control of on-off outputs

Permanent view of information on the 7 segment display unit

  • Speed
  • Position
  • Speed and position errors
  • etc…

Extension of local operating mode

  • Securized manual mode
  • Local smart mode

Computer link with supervision

  • RS422 / RS 485
  • IEEE 484
  • Modem
  • Fiberoptic