Tracking turrets

TD series Turret

High dynamic elevation over azimuth turret

Specific associated unit control

On option : stabilized elevation for naval applications

Body made of AS7G-Y23 aluminium, protection by means of bichromate anodic oxidation and polyurethane paint which comply with maritime environment.

  • Identical coaxial servo-actuator on the 2 axes including :
    • 1 sealed reduction gear lubrificated for life
    • 1 AC brushless motor drive requiring no maintenance
    • 1 static current cut off brakes
    • 1 absolute optical encoder
  • The axes are equipped with adjustable electric limit switches whereas the mechanical stops of the elevation movement are installed in relation with the load.
  • A static thermostat regulated heating allows the casings to prevent humidity


Attached documents : TD technical data sheet (PDF – 412.4 kb)

PC series Turret

Compact tracker turret, sealed, reliable, light and dynamic, suitable to be easily carried on vehicle or installed on fixed base

Versions :

  • Without elevation arm (side interface for camera, sensor, etc…)
  • With elevation arm (see opposite photo)
  • With double elevation outlet (site interface for 2 loads)
  • Single control and power unit housed in 19″ box that can be integrated into a rack


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T series Turret

2 axis tracker turret (Elevation over Azimuth) with high dynamic slaving in relation to the load

  • Modular design turret with casings made of steel
  • High accurate drive mechanism with self-adjusting backlash device
  • Capacity of carrying antenna dishes of maximum 5m diameter for T1200 model and 6.10m diameter for T2500 model. All associated equipment are provided.
  • The reliability, functionalities and the versatility of the electronic control unit ensure the expected performances and the operating safety.
  • Easy maintainability
  • On-site prompt installation

The standard product technical specifications are basic. Please contact us to tailor the product according to other expected specifications.

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ST/TM/TMI series turret

Comprehensive range of light positioners designed to be integrated on telescopic masts or raising block supports

  • These turrets are market out :
    • their compacity leur compacité
    • their high reliability and availability
    • their carrying capacity
    • their position hold stability
    • their embedded electronics
  • They can be mounted either on the mast head or distributed along the mast sections
  • Their light weight (molded casings made of light alloy) coupled with a strong proper stiffness allow to load big size antennas

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ST/MV series turret

Proven and servo-driven standardized , modular turrets and positioners

  • Single or multiaxis configuration
  • Moulded casings with light alloy or combined plastic fit for the best integration within small volume and minimum weight
  • Smart equipment, reliable, stiff, sealed, easy operating and maintenance
  • Secured movements
  • Associated power and control units


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Weather series turret

Specific equipment for weather radar application


  • Capacity of carrying one antenna of 4m diameter under radome
  • Optimized turret with regard to reliability, availability and safety for continuous operating
  • Use of components with minimum maintenance
  • Electronic control unit in 19’’ 6U rack

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