Ground applications

Multi-axis turrets dedicated to civil or military applications within harsh environmental conditions such as :

  • Missile or aircraft flight path analysis (Microwave, Video, Infrared)
  • Ballistic radar, path tracking
  • RCS measurement of flying targets
  • Electronic war (radar attack simulation)
  • Tracking of a moving satellite
Ground Applications


  • Mechatronics Solutions designs, manufactures and installs multi-axis turrets intended for civil applications or applications within harsh environmental conditions
  • 20 years experience in all sectors of turret business
  • European and one of worldwide leaders
  • Proven and recognized numerous achievements in Europe and all over the world
  • Proposal as per various technical data sheets
  • Prompt delivery and installation
  • Customization based on technical specifications

Stong points

  • 100% made in France
  • Prompt and reliable adaptation on customer’s request
  • Turret optimized design thanks to our 3D software and its computing by finite elements module
  • Possibilitity of maintenance contract spreading over 1 or several years
  • After sales service throughout the product life

Application fields

  • Path analysis of missile or aircraft by RF, video camera or thermal camera analysis
  • Ballistic radar, target path tracking
  • RCS (Radar Cross Section)
  • Missile attack simulation
  • Missile counter-measure test
  • Satellite tracking

Operating mode

For target tracking, ACC uses several operating modes :

  • Local mode : direct joystick control
  • Angular deviation mode : the turret is moving in relation to deviation signal processed by a track receiver or a video deviation indicator or an infrared deviation indicator
  • Target setting mode : the turret receives the coordinates of the target to be tracked in a local or global reference
  • Ephemeris mode : the turret follows a pre-estimated theoric path previously downloaded via the supervision interface
  • The turret can be equipped with 1 or several antennas according to frequencies involved
  • The turret can be equipped with 1 or several video or thermal cameras
  • The turret can be either fixed or portable


Product range

We supply a wide range of standard products with different versions :

  • Antennas with diameters ranging from Ø1m to Ø6m or more
  • Loads ranging from 50Kg up to 3900Kg

with 0.1° to 0,01° accuracy

For more information : Tracking turrets


Servo-control system

For each turret, we supply our control units designed and tailored for each application according to the positioner dimension (Electric power)


  • Compact design 19″ rack
  • Electronic power unit with manual control at the front face and emergency stop
  • Unit control with axis position readout


  • Existence of various embedded feedback loops
  • Permanent monitoring of the speed validity
  • 2 manual operating modes
    • Direct or fail soft mode
    • Secured standard mode
  • 4 automatic operating modes
    • Local mode
    • Deviation angle mode
    • Target setting mode
    • Ephemeris mode
  • Management of different operating modes
  • Time synchronization compatible with IRIG-B
  • Option :
    • Computer link with the supervision
    • Manual control by control box