Mechatronics Solutions – SERVICES


Maintenance and Testing

Mechatronics Solutionst has been ISO 19001 certified since 18 January 2008. Since the 1980s, we have been developing a large range of servo-controlled turrets thanks to our specific know-how in permanent evolution and our in-house competence transmission policy. This activity constitutes our main focus and turns out to be the key element of our development strategy. For this reason we ensure our customers to provide the best services for the maintenance of their products. Maintenance services are carried out over one or several years within a maintenance contract according to our customers’ expectations. To guarantee your equipment validation, we also ensure a full test of each axis by means of our own testing equipment. Once the testing has been preformed, a validation report is issued to guarantee the accuracy of your equipment.

Customer service

For each delivered equipment, we provide a Customer service during and after the warranty period. On request of intervention, a quotation is provided as soon as possible.


All our products are guaranteed for 1 year including parts and labour with equipment return or on-site intervention according to negotiated conditions. On customers’ request, we can extend the warranty period for 1 or 2 years.


Mechatronics Solutions usually provides trainings related to the equipment use and maintenance so that the equipment would be delivered and used under the best conditions. In case of multi-users and if requested, we can provide trainings to one or several groups during 1 or several days according to their needs.

Maintenance in Operational Conditions  MCO

The Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) is of utmost importance for the equipment which use is strategic. For this regard, Mechatronics Solutions highly recommends MOC extending from 1 to several years including the following services:

  • Definition of initial status
  • Project management
  • Competence management
  • Obsolescence management
  • Service part management
  • Biannual or annual assessment
  • Annual preventive maintenance
  • Annual fixed-price curative maintenance

These services are proposed in full not only to ensure optimal use of the equipment but to guarantee you operating safely without taking into account possible breakdown.

Positioner reconditioning

Thanks to our long experience on all types of turrets and positioners from ACC or other manufacturers, we can recondition your old equipment that you still want to use. In general two options are available:

  • Return of all equipment to be reconditioned to ACC workshop
  • ACC on-site survey to perform first expertise

For this service, different steps are recommended:

  • General and dimension expertise with expertise report
  • According to results, a reconditioning quotation is proposed
  • Preventive maintenance is carried out
  • Reconditioning according to your need

This service will allow you to re-use, with regard to the obsolescence status, an existing equipment without incurring important expenses.