Measurement Positioners

CEGELEC Défense Mechatronics Solution specializes in designing and manufacturing servo-driven multi-axis systems dedicated to civil and military applications such as:

  • Antenna Measurement Positioners
  • Scanners
  • Dielectric or Streamlined Pylons

ACC I&S Measurement Positioners arecomply with key safety factors  allowing the required specified torques while keeping accuracy over the life cycle.

They are designed to outdoor operation (temperature -20°C up to +50°C).  The positioner frames are made of aluminum or steel according to models. They undergo marine grade  anticorrosion treatment.

Antenna control units (ACU) provide the positioners with the expected life duration through integral overload protection and wrong manipulation filtering.

Characteristics of Standard positioners

The following characteristics are relevant to A serie positioners and illustrate the capabilities of our measurement positioners range

The catalogue of our standard positioners gives an overview of the characteristics. Download our catalogue here