Operations Command & Control – Crisis Management Support

Cegelec Défense proposes innovative commodities and solutions to address expeditionary logistics and deployments such as modular and expandable mobile command posts or emergency operation centers.

Conduite d’opérations et gestion de crise

Commodities used in all circumstances

CEGELEC Défense Expandable Shelters are used in the context of Armed Forces operations, catastrophes or natural disasters, public unrest or acts of terror or health hazards.

Expandable and Air transportable commodities enable civil or military command rapid and autonomous deployment, whatever the conditions, in full autonomy. Large-scale operations in emergency situations immediately benefit of comprehensive command and control commodities with integral capabilities :

  • Planning,
  • Operations command and control,
  • Information and communication systems,
  • Logistics.


The Human factor is always privileged to improve the system operation and service

Give an important place to the man without neglecting the system

The solutions developed by Cegelec Défense emphasize human requirements during system conception and integration phases. They propose physical integrations within expandable shelters or within modular containers, ensuring operations control is managed in the best conditions, in terms of responsiveness, performance and quality

Thanks to the modular nature of the shelters, a fully-integrated command post can be laid out by adding different modules comprising the specific functions devoted to planning, operations management, communications, IT resources, logistics, intelligence and the management of back-up resources and support.

These « all-in-one » systems are designed to favour agility, improve Command & Control efficiency and reduce energy use.

Download the Conduct of Operations and Crisis Management sheet for more details