Rigid Walls Rapid Expandable Shelter

Easily transported by all means in mobility configuration as a 20ft Container, CEGELEC DEFENSE Rapid Expandable Shelters are a self contained equipment, offering after a rapid deployment a vast working area of 67m2 integrating all utilities for Command and Control in comfortable conditions.

26 Jul 2018

5 Cells Rigid Walls Rapid Expandable Shelter

Designed from its inception as a force multiplier capable of mitigating transportation limitations, the Rapid Expandable Shelter is the preferred solution to guarantee effective command and control conditions in the most severe environments.

Transported and stored as an  11 tons –  20 feet – ISO Container, the Rapid Expandable Shelter can be operated in adverse conditions and temperatures ranging from -10°C to +55°C and can withstand heavy rainfalls as well as strong winds, snow, sand and dust.

With integral leveling and loading wheeled jacks, the Rapid Expandable Shelter is autonomous for loading and Roll-on Roll-off operations from land, sea or air carriers.

Easily deployed under 4 hours by a reduced team of 4 operators, the system integrates the distribution of power to work stations, an RJ45 or Fiber Optic LAN as well as embedded air conditioning and LED lighting.

This Battle Proven solution from Afghanistan to Mali and Libya offers the best response to operation flexibility and agility requirements while offering the best working conditions for planning, command and control components. Additionally, the extreme versatility of the Rapid Expandable Shelter has been profitably implemented for other purposes like mobile clinics, Emergency Operation Centers and support of emergency crisis or relief operations.

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